April 8th

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ink for a RoboCop illustration

March 17th

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Ink & tea before bed. 

February 27th

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Before & After

I created these little 5”x7” ink & watercolor illustrations to sell for a fundraiser held last night. They were fun to do and sold very well, and I’m thinking of putting the ink scans towards a new zine.

February 14th

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Apathetic Valentines from my sketchbook

P.S. My birthday really is tomorrow

February 4th

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Another old guinea pig painting! I can hardly believe this stuff exists, but I am very, very happy that it does.


Antonio Delle Vedove (1865-1944)
Guinea Pigs And A Basket Of Grapes

January 9th

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I’ve been so busy with work and feel so guilty for my lack of posting! I thought I’d share some sketches from my pretty pink sketchbook in the meantime. They were done for a personal illustration project which I’m really excited about. I used my fabulous new brush pen that I have fallen head over heels for; it’s added a nice looseness that I feel really adds to my drawings.

January 2nd

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18th century guinea pig art! Too cool.


George Morland
Guinea Pigs, 1792

(by irinaraquel)

December 4th

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A little Curiosity illustration for the cover of the Curiosity Rover booklet I mocked up. 

November 20th

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Life Call

digital illustration

Allow me to explain.

About a week and a half ago Adweek posted this video of 35 Ads in 35 Years for the publication’s 35th anniversary. I quite enjoyed watching it and was very excited to see the infamous “I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP!” Life Call commercial featured in the compilation. (Watch the original here.) This spot holds a special place in my heart. When I was a kid this commercial used to crack me up. I loved to hang upside down out of bed or off of furniture and yell, “HELP! I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP!” and my mom or dad would come and lift me up. I thought this was a truly hysterical game. So after watching Adweek’s video and being filled with nostalgia, I headed to YouTube to watch the original Life Call commercial. When the woman said she used her medical response device to “summon an ambulance” and various other methods of help, it struck me as kind of strange. SUMMON an ambulance? SUMMON help? SUMMON your neighbor and family? When does anyone ever use the word SUMMON in regards to anything other than SATAN? It did not take my brain long to imagine this little old lady summoning Satan with her Life Call device. And here we are now.

November 9th

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colored sketchbook sketch