September 15th

5:09PM // 1 note

Anyone else’s kitty make “the smell face”?
#cats #TheSmell Face

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September 10th

6:16PM // 2 notes

Sketching some lettering. To be continued…

September 8th

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So 1, Olive in Space zine is preparing for lift off!

2, I now have Instagram.


July 23rd

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I think my kitten would like space.

July 21st

10:49PM // 3 notes

I recently found/finally went through all of my old art school projects and it turns out I’ve been hauling an entire dumpster full of bad paintings around for several years. 

I came across this one which was one of those projects where you have to paint a “Master’s painting.” Whether Gil Elvgren’s pin-ups could be considered “classics” or he a “master” (as opposed to, say, Rembrandt and one of his self-portraits or something) is up for debate, but I chose to recreate Elvgren’s “Man’s Best Friend.” I did okay, except for the poor lady’s face, so I really couldn’t pass up the chance to turn her into a sexy Cthulhu.

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I got bored at work and drew some zombie words.

July 6th


Sleepy Sunday Sketching

June 13th

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It’s been about a year since I embroidered anything for myself. Just finished this sugar skull shirt last night!

June 9th


I found this lovely little booklet for FREE at a garage sale on Saturday. I really admire the combination of photos and illustration and the overall black & white + one spot color design. It has inspired me to challenge myself with those limits once again. Obviously hailing from mid-century, there isn’t an actual date printed anywhere in the booklet. I’m a little disappointed, but I also find it interesting, because if it were made today it would have dates and copyrights and R-balls (®) and disclaimers all over the place. The only thing they really made sure the consumer knew was that it was Printed In Canada! :)